Unit 0: Can You Help Me, Please? Hello, Hi, My name is …, apple, ball, blue, book, cat, dog, doll, red Can you help me, please? Yes, I can. Thank you. You’re welcome.    
Unit 1: Table, Scissors, Crayons a chair, a computer, a crayon, a pencil, a pencil case, scissors, a table, apple, ball, banana, bird, biscuit, blue, book, bread, cat, circle, close, dog, doll, flower, grass, green, hand, jigsaw, lorry, numbers 1–5, open, orange, pink, rabbit, red, shirt, square, train, tree, triangle, turtle, window, yellow, on/in/under

 May I have the (book), please? Yes. Thanks. You’re welcome

Where’s the (book)?) It’s on the (table).

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 Unit 2: Let’s Play  climb, jump, play, run, a seesaw, a slide, a swing, ball, bird, bug, cat, lorry, sun, trousers, up/ down  What can you do?) I can (jump)  Powtórz słownictwo z lekcji  
 Unit 3: Food/ Snacks   beans, cheese, chocolate, eggs, milk, rice, yoghurt, apple, banana, blue, biscuit, bread, circle, eyes, green, hair, mouth, nose, numbers 1–5, red, shirt, square, triangle, black, brown, white  Do you like (yoghurt)?) Yes, I do./No, I don’t.  Powtórz słownictwo z lekcji  
 Unit 4: Farm Animals  a chicken,a cow, a donkey, a duck, a goat, a horse, ball, banana, bird, biscuit, blocks, cat, circle, dog, doll, door, fish, numbers 1–5, rabbit, shoe, sun, turtle, window  How many (horses) are there?) There are (three horses). Powtórz słownictwo z lekcji   

Unit 0: Let’s Share! Hello, Hi, My name is … I’ve got (two brothers)., I like (chocolate)., I can (climb)., I’m (happy)., Thanks. cat, dog, doll, eyes, flower, happy, pencil, pencil case, tree I need the paint. I need the paint, too! I’m sorry! That’s OK. Let’s share! OK! I like your picture! Thanks. I like your picture, too!    
Unit 1: Classroom Activities colour, count, draw, read, sit down, stand up, touch, write, I can (run)., I’ve got (seven). aeroplane, ant, apple, biscuit, blocks, book, car, climb, crayon, doll, door, eyes, flower, hair, hands, in, jump, mouth, nose, numbers 1 (one) – 10 (ten), pencil, pencil case, play, please, run, same, scissors, shirt, shoes, table, trousers, window

What do you like doing? I like (drawing).

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 Unit 2: Weather  cloudy, gloves, raining, snowing, sunglasses, sunny, an umbrella, windy, I can see a (ball)!, My (table) is (wet)! ball, biscuit, big, black, blue, boots, bread, brother, brown, butterfly, circle, coat, crayon, daddy, different, dog, doll, door, fish, flower, grass, hair, hands, hat, in, leaf, numbers 1 (one) – 6 (six), on, orange, red, rice, rock, same, sandals, shorts, sister, small, sock, square, table, triangle, under, water, white, window, yellow What’s the weather like? It’s (windy)!  Powtórz słownictwo z lekcji   
 Unit 3: Wild Animals  an elephant, a frog, a lion, a monkey, a panda, a penguin, a tiger, a zebra, Look at (the lion)., I can see (the lion)., It’s (big)!, I can see (a penguin)., This is (smaller). apple, baby, ball, banana, bee, big, bird, black, brother, brown, butterfly, car, cat, chicken, climb, cold, cow, daddy, dog, doll, donkey, duck, eyes, fast, fish, flower, goat, grandma, grandpa, horse, hot, leaf, mummy, nose, orange, rabbit, run, shoes, sister, slow, small, tree, turtle, white, yellow, small, smaller / big, bigger What’s your favourite animal? A/An (elephant)!   Powtórz słownictwo z lekcji   
 Unit 4: Music clapping, dancing, a drum, a guitar, a piano, shouting, singing, stamping, I like (drums). aeroplane, ant, baby, bike, book, butterfly, chicken, circle, climb, crying, different, dog, doll, dress, fire engine, fish, flower, green, hair, happy, laughing, leaf, motorbike, numbers 1 (one) – 10 (ten), on, orange, play, rabbit, red, run, same, smiling, square, sun, tree, yellow, loud / quiet What are you doing? I’m (dancing)!   Powtórz słownictwo z lekcji   

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